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Confessions of a multi-tasker

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Ok so I want to write a blog.

I could have also said “I want to start a business” or “I want to spring clean my house” for the same price.

Where would I even start?

I’d think the idea is to find a topic I am deeply passionate about and just write about it

Every week or every day find a new area within that topic to write interesting tidbits about and people interested in the same thing will read it and enjoy it.


Yes. No.

What if you’re interested in lots of things or have lots of things going on in your life but there’s not one standout passion.

Or not one stand out passion that you’re aware of.

I remember walking along South-bank in Melbourne city on the second date with my husband and him telling me his passion is ‘marketing’ and has been ever since a business teacher in year 10 introduced him to the subject.

I responded conversationally “that’s amazing that you know what you’re passionate about and its clear cut to you.”

Apparently my husband was inspired by this sentence and has repeated it over the years.

I’m not sure I fathomed the enormity of that sentence at the time.

Ok. So I could write a mummy blog. After all I have three beautiful kids thank G-d ages 5,4 and 19 months.

But aren't there enough mummy blogs out there already?

And yes I am a mum and I love being a mum but does this define me?

How about a blog for teachers?

This is my 13th year working in education, in which I’ve had numerous roles.

I love teaching and definitely love the buzz you find in a school.

But is this the ultimate?

When you’ve done something for so long do you start to question yourself, is there anything else I’m interested in?

Could I be an accountant or maybe a clinical psychologist in another lifetime?

I also have a secret side hobby, called keeping on top of life admin stuff.

Checking our insurances are the most competitive out there, making the most of claiming tax deductions, understanding and utilizing Centrelink services.

I am a numbers person and get a little thrill when I understand how all this works, make the most of what’s available and help others to take advantage.

Ok, maybe a big thrill.

But are these my ultimate passions? Not really.

And then I remember that I’ve also been what you may call a ‘professional student’ over the last umpteen years.

Not that I love studying or my stomach doesn’t lurch every time I realise I have another assignment due date looming.

Yes, I get a buzz when I’ve completed that assignment, or even a chunk of a research paper.

But is that my ultimate hobby?

Do I even love it that much?

Do I even like it that much?

Do I even like it at all?

And so I feel stuck.

Stuck between many doors of opportunities, blessing and wonderful factions of my life.

Yet still stuck on what to write about

Stuck on what is my ultimate passion?

One second, don’t I have a counselling degree and used to feel deeply passionate about counselling and the helping profession?

Don't I still?

So what happened?

What got in the way?

All great questions to which I don’t really have the answers to at this moment.

I may find the answers or more likely as I find answers, I may find more questions.

Life is a constant journey of finding yourself and your search for meaning. If it was so simplistic I would know the answers.

Recently we were in Sydney visiting our family there and during our stay we visited some family friends.

The husband/ father/ grandfather was holding a copy of Viktor Frankl’s book ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ and we got onto a discussion about this book and Viktor Frankl’s revolutionary ideas in the world of psychotherapy.

Turns out this friend has handed out multiple copies of this book over the years and this philosophy has changed his life, as well as the lives of many others.

He quoted what he believed to be the most powerful sentence

“Those who have a ‘why’ to live, can bear with almost any ‘how’.”

Whilst in concentration camps, Viktor Fankl, an Austrian psychiatrist developed his theory that survival is achieved, even in the most brutal and horrific circumstances, when one finds meaning in life and a reason to continue living.

This was the basic premise of his innovative ‘logo therapy,’ a form of existential analysis.

So what’s the secret to finding out your ‘why’.

What gives your life meaning?

What’s your personal life mission?

Is it one dimensional or maybe multidimensional with many parts?

Just something else to think about as you navigate the many factions of your life.

Till next time…

#findingmeaning #lifegoals #gettingstarted

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