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So how did you age? Musings on the ageing app…

Last week we went on a little winter family getaway. One night while the kids were fast asleep I was lying in bed relaxing, ok flicking through the TV channels but not really watching anything, while my husband was downstairs finishing off the evening prayers.

All of a sudden, I noticed a new WhatsApp message from him, with a picture attached of us at a recent fun night out at a local Kosher restaurant, but … he looked like an old man.

A freaky older version of himself.

And in simple English, I freaked out!

Many of you may have tried the ageing app and seen similar freaky photos. Yes, we now know it was dangerous;)

But on thinking about it further, an epiphany hit me and hit me hard.

We will not be young forever!

Yes, we know this, but does anyone actually fathom this?

Can you actually picture it?

Well, the app definitely helped with this.

Being in my 30s I kind of feel like this is life. We are in our heyday thank G-d of young family, work, friends, extended family, finding work life balance etc… And we may take this all for granted.

We may even complain sometimes, well at least I do.

Complain about being burnt out. Complain that we need a break. Complain that there is no down time.

I guess this photo made me stop and appreciate what we have now.

Before we know it time will pass and we will ‘grow up.’

Our kids will be adults and we will be on lookers as they travel on a road similar to the one we are on currently.

What will our lives be like?

What will our lives look like?

What will motivate us?

If our mission statement is currently consumed with child rearing and supporting a young family, what will it be filled with when we find ourselves living this picture?

As I was thinking these kinds of thoughts, I stopped myself and turned the direction of my musings.

There is so much, thank G-d, in our lives to be thankful for right now; whether it’s good health, a good relationship, children, a career, a livelihood, supportive family… and the list goes on.

We have to live in the moment and appreciate everything life has to offer at every stage of life.

I once went to a lecture where the speaker asked “what would you say is the best age?”

Great question. But even greater, was her answer.

“The best age is whatever age you’re at!”

How profound!

Each age and stage has its challenges and opportunities. And yes the mission statements may change.

Isn’t this the nature of the journey of life?

Perhaps our job is to appreciate and maximise the blessings at each point.

On the Lubavicher Rebbe's 70th birthday (a leader in world Jewry) he emphasised the concept of striving to accomplish more and more at each age.

When asked "Now that you have attained the age of 70, what are your plans? It would seem that this is an appropriate time to rest a bit..." he responded "we must begin to accomplish even more."

Each age not only has its blessings, but has its opportunities for growth and achievements.

So, instead of worrying about adopting a good skincare routine (which I probably should), I’m going to try to live in the now!

Appreciate the now!

Maximise the now!

Strive to accomplish even more in the now!

And most importantly enjoy the good stuff life has to offer me right now!

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